XS Series is a set of professional loudspeakers designed by JBL Entertainment to address the demand for powerful bass and pristine vocal at high-class KTV chain stores or clubs.

XS Series offers four vented two-way models: XS08 (8 inch), XS10 (10 inch), XS12 (12 inch), and XS15 (15 inch). Each XS model features a JBL patented 1” polymer diaphragm high compression driver and a highly efficient woofer. When they collaborate with the passive network, each XS speaker is capable of reproducing crystal clear high notes and powerful low frequency energy. For either small or large room, the well-engineered waveguide ensures balanced coverage on and off axis, whether the speaker is in landscape or portrait orientation.

For optimal frequency response and prolonged life-cycle, XS Series houses all acoustic components into a rugged enclosure made from premium MDF, and arranges them through careful computation and simulation. Multiple high-strength suspension hardware and one speaker pole receptacle facilitate installation of different forms. The edgy front grille machined from 18-gauge steel protects the internal components from foreign objects and drink splash. The lighting JBL ENTERTAINMENT logo, new icon of JBL Entertainment speakers, stays constantly on when the system is processing.


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