Designing and configuring the perfect ID Series system is easy using free NS-1 software – a powerful and intuitive system configuration and simulation tool with an intuitive drag and drop interface, ensuring uniform SPL coverage of any NEXO system in any venue.

Bringing unparalleled flexibility to the world of compact and column speakers, ID24 features a unique user-rotatable horn that lets users quickly select between HF coverage patterns, while the ID14 can be specified with a choice of HF dispersion angles. The ID84 column speaker features a switch on the rear panel to select vertical high frequency dispersion.

Measuring just 309mm wide, 132mm high and 233mm front to back, the ID24 compact full range speaker uses twin 4 inch drivers in a V formation plus an HF compression driver with rotatable horn. The super compact ID14 measures 130mm wide, 130mm high and 120mm front to back, and uses a single coaxial 4 inch driver with 1.4-inch Neodymium HF. The ID84 column speaker is 1 metre in height and uses 8 x 4 inch drivers with an array of dome tweeters. Dedicated ID S110, S210, S108 and S312 subs are also available, along with the ID84L low frequency extension column speaker.

A choice of compact, cost-effective 4-channel amplification and processing solutions feature phase-coherent presets for all directivity versions of all ID Series speakers. Powering up to 16 boxes from a single amplifier, it’s quick and easy to configure mobile or fixed ID Series installations of any size or scale.

ID series speakers are compatible with a wide range of NEXO and 3rd party and touring installation accessories. Full details and datasheets are available here.

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The compact ID24, super-compact ID14 and ID84 column speakers are all available in touring and installation versions. Installation versions of the ID24 and ID84 are IP54 rated for outdoor use (ID14/IP55). Variable (ID24), optional (ID14) and switchable (ID84) HF coverage and a comprehensive range of accessories equip the ID Series for use in a wide range of fixed and mobile applications. Dedicated ID Series subs are available to extend low frequency response.

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