Wireless Microphone System


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Wireless Microphone System

VM300 is the first dual channel UHF wireless microphone system designed to complement the acclaimed JBL karaoke sound. The system includes one SR300 receiver and two HT300 hand-held transmitters and provides the ultra-clarity, rich vocal and interference-free transmission needed in karaoke entertainment or professional sound applications.

Specially-tuned JBL KTV sound
Acoustically, the VM300 system is specially tuned to complement the proven JBL KTV sound, in particular the JBL Entertainment karaoke loudspeakers. When collaborating with these acclaimed speakers, VM300 is able to deliver easy and smooth singing experience and unexpected sound performance – rich vocal, transparent mid-range and subtle high notes – whether you croon or belt out.

Reliable Performance
Trouble-free performance is one of the aspects any karaoke operator may look into when selecting a wireless microphone system for their multi karaoke rooms. The VM300 system transmits signal in UHF band of 640 MHz – 690 MHz and offers 200 channel/frequency selection, as a result, interference is not a concern while multiple VM300 systems are operating simultaneously in different rooms.

Simplicity Beyond Expectation
The VM300 system offers a wide range of features and aims to make the setup and use quick and easy. Preset module selects a pair of frequencies or channels for both Ch-A and Ch-B. Auto Scan examines for unused frequencies/channels automatically without the need of manual search. Shake to Sync works in the brand of 2400 MHz – 2483.5 MHz and allows concurrent frequency synchronization of two HT300s. Auto Mute, Auto Wakeup, Auto Sleep ensure energy saving and reduce the noise impact to the system.


  • Preset module selects a pair of frequencies or channels for both Ch-A and Ch-
  • Auto Scan searches for clean frequencies/channels automatically
  • Shake to Sync allows frequency synchronization of two HT300s simultaneously
  • Auto Mute mutes the HT300 automatically when it stays static for about 3 seconds.
  • Auto Wakeup awakes the HT300 automatically when it is in motion.
  • Auto Sleep powers off the HT300 automatically when it stays static for about 8 minutes.


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